Real wellness start from you.


(physical, mental and social)

Health is our wealth. Money can’t buy Health and Happiness. In our life there is no more valuable than good health. Without health there is no peace, no happiness and no success. An individual with bad health cannot enjoy the pleasure of being wealthy.

Physical Health

Exercise burns calories. Exercise and diet play dual roles in maintaining weight. The muscles in human’s bodies work best when they are regularly used and strengthened through activity. A Person’s hearts grows healthier when they engage in cardiovascular exercise that raises heart rates for an extended time.

People who regularly exercise have low possibilities of experiencing high cholesterol, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. They also have more energy and can sleep better. Healthy diet, nutritional consumed of food and antioxidant-rich diet also provides anticancer and helps improve the immune system. As an individual we can have the power to extend the length of their lives by regularly engaging in physical activity and proper diet.

A healthy diet must consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grain foods and low or nonfat dairy products. Also it is important to limit the consumed of foods that are high in fat, sodium, sugar and cholesterol.

These some ways to be physically fit:

  • Stay active in physical activities (sports, walking, jog)
  • Eat healthy food and smaller portion of foods
  • Sleep 6-8hrs every night
  • Boost immune system (vitamins)
  • Drink Water

Mental Health

It is defined as a “state of successful performance of mental function, which results to a productive activity of an individual, ability to adapt to changes of situation, fulfilling relationships with people, and in coping with adversity.”

Eating properly and getting proper exercise gives mental benefits and better physical health. Mindful eating practices can help reduce stress in adults’ lives and minimal physical activities. Exercise can stimulates the cells in brain that makes a person feeling Happy and a healthy lifestyle helps improve learning, sharpens thinking, judgment skills, and reduces the risk of depression.

These are some ways to avoid Mental illness:

  • Control your reactions (control outburst of feelings or anger)
  • Don’t dwell in your mistakes
  • Be alert and focused (training your mind to concentrate)
  • Recognized your achievements (be proud)
  • Make time to relax (meditate)
  • Share your insights and emotions
  • Be mindful of your relationships with others (be sensitive and respect others to avoid conflict)

Social Health

Social health means satisfying interpersonal relationships with others people and relates to a person’s ability in adapting to different social situations and in act appropriate manner. Between to your Family, partners, co-workers and acquaintances, each of these relationships should include strong communication skills, empathy for others and a sense of accountability. In contrast, traits like being withdrawn, vindictive or selfish can have a negative impact on your social health. Means, stress can be one of the most significant threats to a healthy relationship. Stress should be managed through proven techniques such as regular physical activity, deep breathing and positive self-talk.

These are some ways to improved social health:

  • Random act of kindness
  • Listen (if some is talking to you and giving advices )
  • Be friendly
  • Do something fun (make your life awesome ,travel ,enjoy your existence)

Becoming a Victor

In a competitive world where every single human that you see is a hungry animal ready to grab and eat the opportunities like it’s a very scrumptious meal ready to be devour, what edge do you have to come out as the victor among those vicious humans? In a fast paced society where everyone is on a race with time itself, how can you be a victor to those cheetah-like humans? In this twisted world where everyone seems to be engulfed with problem, stress, competition and seems to isolate himself/herself from the rest of the world, how can you break free from the dark room that you are imprisoned?

Let yourself breathe and take this 10 advices to ease you and come out as a victor:

  1. Be opportunistic – grab every opportunity that might come even if it has a little value because as time goes by every value that you have will eventually turn gigantic giving you an edge amongst other.
  2. Manage your time – we never know how a single second could change a person’s life, that one second wasted might have bring you to glory ,you can never bring back time so seized and make use of the time that you have.
  3. Do every work with your best – giving your 100% skill is required to be a victor, you don’t want to have regrets in the future for wasting and not giving the full potential that you have. Give it your best shot.
  4. Be optimistic – start your day with an “I can do this!” face and aura, don’t let the dark mindset shroud you and shut down the best that you have. As what the mathematical rule say, positive + positive = positive and negative +negative = negative, start your day with a positive vibes.
  5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from them – nobody’s perfect, yes, so don’t be afraid to fall down once in a while, instead make it a building block to make yourself better and bigger. A diamond doesn’t come out shiny as is, it is polish to perfection, so allow some hardship and mistake so that you’ll shine to perfection.
  6. Be healthy – a strong body and mind is needed to perform the work given, who wants to work when you are sick? Eat healthy to perform your task efficiently.
  7. Don’t be afraid to try new things – be adventurous and try some things that you haven’t tried before , who know you might like the new things that you discover and probably you can be the best in that field. You might be shock of the things that you really didn’t think that you can do.
  8. Spend time to relax – working all day makes a man dull and gray. Don’t let yourself to be imprisoned by all the work loads, unwind and try to relax, you might do even better after you refreshed yourself.
  9. Be with people that support you – peer pressure and bad companion would absolutely destroy you little by little until you are shattered to pieces. Be with people that make your life more colorful and enjoyable.
  10. Take time to give thanks – be thankful for all the things that you have, there would always be someone behind you that have been pushing you to success, take time to appreciate and thank them, and don’t be full of yourself. Everyone has someone that they can really on,tell them how thankful you are.

So go out and be victorious in this world, don’t hold yourself back.

Implementing Effective Crowd Control

One of the security personnel job is crowd control. If they were assigned in a crowded event or in a place where protesters are expected they must be prepared and implied the standard protocol.

Crowd control is a public security practice by managing large crowds to avoid the outbreak of commotion and riots. Crowd crushes can cause fatalities that usually happen in public gatherings like music festivals, stadium concerts and public demonstrations.

In some events, police officers and security guards use sniffing dogs and metal detector to prevent dangerous weapons and prohibited drugs being brought into a venue. Materials such as crowd control barriers, stanchions, fences and decals painted on the ground can be used to direct the crowd. Aside from these materials, crowd controllers must implement effective crowd control.

The following are crowd control duties that must be to prioritise to implement effective crowd control:

  1. Planning
    In an event to avoid minimal disasters, an insightful planning and detailed discussions need to be held way in advance with your team. Pre operational equipment to be used in the shift should prepare and tested if it works properly and management request and plans for the event is discussed with the team beforehand. It is important to have a plan and to be well informed before the duty starts to have a successful crowd control shift.
  2. Checking bags
    Prevent individual to bring weapons or any prohibited drug inside the event to keep the crowd safe, it should be done before they enter the area. Also, it is part of the Entrance and Exit procedures.
  3. Prevent cause of trouble
    An individual or group of people that starts causes trouble such as vandalism and getting wild out of hand they should be escorted out of the area by the crowd controller before they can damage some properties.
  4. Stop fights
    Fights are expected to break out in a crowd, that’s why the crowd controller must watches the audience and be vigilant to stop fights before it leads to physical assaults.
  5. Monitor drunken people
    Some events sells alcoholic drinks like concerts and football events, the consumption of alcohol is unlimited that may cause to the crowd being out of control, therefore the crowd controller should control the supply of alcohol to minors and immediately expel those who are overly drunken and starts creating trouble in the area.
  6. Organize smooth flow of the crowd
    To avoid hustle in the crowd flow, crowd controller should organize the entrance and exit of the area. The controller should ensure that they move in and move out the place without creating any trouble and risk to others. The faster the people move out the easier to the crew of the event to clean the venue for the next event.

The crowd controller serves as the backbone of a crowded place because they provide services to avoid criminal activities in an event and make it successful. By effectively controlling crowds and crowd traffic, you make experiences more enjoyable for your visitors and customers and the peace and order will be maintained in the area.

Security Officer

The Security Officer will periodically tour the assigned facility to identify any irregularities, observe protection and fire control equipment, uphold order, and enforce regulations for the facility in regards to the premises, personnel and visitors.


It is never easy dealing customers with different personalities. Sometimes, we tend to be irate just like them at times when they throw their moody side to us. But should we deal our customers the way they deal us? Or should we be the icing on a cake in this situation? Well, here are some five ways for you to ace your Customer Service.

Listen. Keenly listen to your customer. In order for you to understand their concern on a situation their complaining with, hear their side first. Don’t jump easily into conclusion without hearing the other side’s point of view. Though it is good to respond to the customer as fast as possible, we have to make sure that we know what problem they are complaining with. Through this, we would be able to provide them a good and reasonable answer that would satisfy them.

Answer. Answer your customer’s queries all the time. Don’t leave them hanging. If you do not know the answer to their complaints and queries, just be honest and tell them. Don’t make them wait for nothing just because you do not know how to answer them. Either on the phone or on face to face you have to answer your customers right away. Through this, the time spent in the conversation will be saved and used wisely.

Act. Make sure to walk your talk. Once you provide assurance to the customer that you will be handling their concern, be responsible then. Deal with it as soon as possible and update your customer according to the status of their concern. Don’t delay your actions. Make sure that your responses are real- time and up to date.

Note. Don’t forget to note your customer’s concerns as well as your responses. Not all of those details can be stored in your long- term memory, thus, keeping a note with you will guide you with the track that you are dealing with. Also, it will assist you with the proper flow and process of handling customers swiftly and effectively.

Extra. Go the extra mile. Don’t limit your service to the concerns and queries of the customers. Provide an extra service to your customer even if it wasn’t asked by your manager or the customer itself. Through this, you would be able to show them how dedicated you are in providing them an excellent service.

An effective customer service can’t be achieved without one’s willingness and heart in providing an excellent service. It would be tough, most especially when you are being yelled by an irate customer or when you are being ignored by a passive customer. However, if you will show and prove to them that you are willing to assist them with their concerns and queries whole heartedly, then, you would be able to gain their trust. Moreover, following the five ways suggested above would be beneficial to you and to your customer when in aiming an effective customer service.