Becoming a Victor

  • DATE POSTED: February 28, 2018

  • POSTED BY: pak-u


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In a competitive world where every single human that you see is a hungry animal ready to grab and eat the opportunities like it’s a very scrumptious meal ready to be devour, what edge do you have to come out as the victor among those vicious humans? In a fast paced society where everyone is on a race with time itself, how can you be a victor to those cheetah-like humans? In this twisted world where everyone seems to be engulfed with problem, stress, competition and seems to isolate himself/herself from the rest of the world, how can you break free from the dark room that you are imprisoned?

Let yourself breathe and take this 10 advices to ease you and come out as a victor:

  1. Be opportunistic – grab every opportunity that might come even if it has a little value because as time goes by every value that you have will eventually turn gigantic giving you an edge amongst other.
  2. Manage your time – we never know how a single second could change a person’s life, that one second wasted might have bring you to glory ,you can never bring back time so seized and make use of the time that you have.
  3. Do every work with your best – giving your 100% skill is required to be a victor, you don’t want to have regrets in the future for wasting and not giving the full potential that you have. Give it your best shot.
  4. Be optimistic – start your day with an “I can do this!” face and aura, don’t let the dark mindset shroud you and shut down the best that you have. As what the mathematical rule say, positive + positive = positive and negative +negative = negative, start your day with a positive vibes.
  5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from them – nobody’s perfect, yes, so don’t be afraid to fall down once in a while, instead make it a building block to make yourself better and bigger. A diamond doesn’t come out shiny as is, it is polish to perfection, so allow some hardship and mistake so that you’ll shine to perfection.
  6. Be healthy – a strong body and mind is needed to perform the work given, who wants to work when you are sick? Eat healthy to perform your task efficiently.
  7. Don’t be afraid to try new things – be adventurous and try some things that you haven’t tried before , who know you might like the new things that you discover and probably you can be the best in that field. You might be shock of the things that you really didn’t think that you can do.
  8. Spend time to relax – working all day makes a man dull and gray. Don’t let yourself to be imprisoned by all the work loads, unwind and try to relax, you might do even better after you refreshed yourself.
  9. Be with people that support you – peer pressure and bad companion would absolutely destroy you little by little until you are shattered to pieces. Be with people that make your life more colorful and enjoyable.
  10. Take time to give thanks – be thankful for all the things that you have, there would always be someone behind you that have been pushing you to success, take time to appreciate and thank them, and don’t be full of yourself. Everyone has someone that they can really on,tell them how thankful you are.

So go out and be victorious in this world, don’t hold yourself back.