• DATE POSTED: October 12, 2017

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It is never easy dealing customers with different personalities. Sometimes, we tend to be irate just like them at times when they throw their moody side to us. But should we deal our customers the way they deal us? Or should we be the icing on a cake in this situation? Well, here are some five ways for you to ace your Customer Service.

Listen. Keenly listen to your customer. In order for you to understand their concern on a situation their complaining with, hear their side first. Don’t jump easily into conclusion without hearing the other side’s point of view. Though it is good to respond to the customer as fast as possible, we have to make sure that we know what problem they are complaining with. Through this, we would be able to provide them a good and reasonable answer that would satisfy them.

Answer. Answer your customer’s queries all the time. Don’t leave them hanging. If you do not know the answer to their complaints and queries, just be honest and tell them. Don’t make them wait for nothing just because you do not know how to answer them. Either on the phone or on face to face you have to answer your customers right away. Through this, the time spent in the conversation will be saved and used wisely.

Act. Make sure to walk your talk. Once you provide assurance to the customer that you will be handling their concern, be responsible then. Deal with it as soon as possible and update your customer according to the status of their concern. Don’t delay your actions. Make sure that your responses are real- time and up to date.

Note. Don’t forget to note your customer’s concerns as well as your responses. Not all of those details can be stored in your long- term memory, thus, keeping a note with you will guide you with the track that you are dealing with. Also, it will assist you with the proper flow and process of handling customers swiftly and effectively.

Extra. Go the extra mile. Don’t limit your service to the concerns and queries of the customers. Provide an extra service to your customer even if it wasn’t asked by your manager or the customer itself. Through this, you would be able to show them how dedicated you are in providing them an excellent service.

An effective customer service can’t be achieved without one’s willingness and heart in providing an excellent service. It would be tough, most especially when you are being yelled by an irate customer or when you are being ignored by a passive customer. However, if you will show and prove to them that you are willing to assist them with their concerns and queries whole heartedly, then, you would be able to gain their trust. Moreover, following the five ways suggested above would be beneficial to you and to your customer when in aiming an effective customer service.