Implementing Effective Crowd Control

  • DATE POSTED: January 8, 2018

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One of the security personnel job is crowd control. If they were assigned in a crowded event or in a place where protesters are expected they must be prepared and implied the standard protocol.

Crowd control is a public security practice by managing large crowds to avoid the outbreak of commotion and riots. Crowd crushes can cause fatalities that usually happen in public gatherings like music festivals, stadium concerts and public demonstrations.

In some events, police officers and security guards use sniffing dogs and metal detector to prevent dangerous weapons and prohibited drugs being brought into a venue. Materials such as crowd control barriers, stanchions, fences and decals painted on the ground can be used to direct the crowd. Aside from these materials, crowd controllers must implement effective crowd control.

The following are crowd control duties that must be to prioritise to implement effective crowd control:

  1. Planning
    In an event to avoid minimal disasters, an insightful planning and detailed discussions need to be held way in advance with your team. Pre operational equipment to be used in the shift should prepare and tested if it works properly and management request and plans for the event is discussed with the team beforehand. It is important to have a plan and to be well informed before the duty starts to have a successful crowd control shift.
  2. Checking bags
    Prevent individual to bring weapons or any prohibited drug inside the event to keep the crowd safe, it should be done before they enter the area. Also, it is part of the Entrance and Exit procedures.
  3. Prevent cause of trouble
    An individual or group of people that starts causes trouble such as vandalism and getting wild out of hand they should be escorted out of the area by the crowd controller before they can damage some properties.
  4. Stop fights
    Fights are expected to break out in a crowd, that’s why the crowd controller must watches the audience and be vigilant to stop fights before it leads to physical assaults.
  5. Monitor drunken people
    Some events sells alcoholic drinks like concerts and football events, the consumption of alcohol is unlimited that may cause to the crowd being out of control, therefore the crowd controller should control the supply of alcohol to minors and immediately expel those who are overly drunken and starts creating trouble in the area.
  6. Organize smooth flow of the crowd
    To avoid hustle in the crowd flow, crowd controller should organize the entrance and exit of the area. The controller should ensure that they move in and move out the place without creating any trouble and risk to others. The faster the people move out the easier to the crew of the event to clean the venue for the next event.

The crowd controller serves as the backbone of a crowded place because they provide services to avoid criminal activities in an event and make it successful. By effectively controlling crowds and crowd traffic, you make experiences more enjoyable for your visitors and customers and the peace and order will be maintained in the area.